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When is it real and when is it not?

30 May 2016

There has been so much on my mind lately that I’m finding it hard to even articulate what I want to say…or more what God wants to say… 

The month of May has been such a wonderful month — busy, eventful, being with friends and family, full of happy times and ending with goodbyes…thankfully not permanent ones.


Being away from home can for sure have it's lonely moments, but you either dwell in the past and never move forward, or you step up and out and force yourself to move forward…not on and forget those in your life previously, but hold on to those good memories and start creating new ones in the current life you live. However, once again being constantly reminded that God has brought us here with purpose…


Isaiah 43:18-19 “But forget all that — it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?” 


Glory be! I do see it. I feel it. It’s becoming more tangible, more challenging, but somehow I have such a peace about what God is doing in the heavenly realm, working and doing His thing around us to prepare us for something that we’ve already stepped in to…. But yet…it’s still unknown. I visualise a puzzle and the pieces are slowly coming together…bit by bit, still not clear what that image is, it’s there, but waiting to be pieced together without the cheat of the final image. This time it's kept a surprise and we are to take our time and allow the pieces to come together under God's timing...not ours... But don't be in such a rush because we might miss something so vital to that final piece if we get impatient and skip to the end.


A few months ago I started reading and seeing a bunch of videos/Instagram clips of interesting "manifestations" of the presence of God. Growing up I’ve experienced many different denominations of churches where some churches believe in such things and some that truly believe they are just a hoax. 

Some examples of manifestations of God presence would be: Glory Dust (gold dust,) Oil pouring from hands, head, skin; baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, angel feathers appearing, prophetic gifting, etc. 

I’ll be honest, I have not dabbles much in learning more about some these things such as glory dust or angel feathers because I’ve never personally seen or experienced this, which of course, I then found it interesting that suddenly I kept seeing this stuff come up on my news feeds through social media, so I started to search a bit more.


I am a pretty optimistic person and see the good before the bad regularly, I am definitely not naive but over time have become a bit more skeptical in some things. When I face something that is considered to be more unfathomable and harder to understand but only through God, I turn to prayer. I believe that God will revealed some answers to us some more obviously than others, and some takes time, but when and how we see the answers is also dependant on where we stand in our trust and faith in God. 


Angel feathers appearing is what really got me curious. I’ve seen pictures of people that I know showing the angel feather that appeared and read articles that talk about the unexplainable reasoning to when and how these feathers show up. of Course my first thought is…it’s a baby bird feather, they can easily blow around…if people actually think its an angel feather why aren’t their more articles of evidence showing that it’s NOT of bird DNA, and so on… I’m also not saying that these things can’t happen because I’m sure they do…but when is it real and when is it not?


Earlier this month after sitting down with my husband and my parents just chatting a bit about this type of phenomenon, I wanted to get down to the gritty. I prayed quite a bit about this, questioning God that I have experienced Him in so many way but why not this, why not through glory/gold dust, or angel feathers… In the bible is does say many times, to not test God. Matthew 5:7 Jesus responded “It is written, ‘ You must not test the lord your God.’” But it also says in 1John 4:1 “Dear friends, do not believe everyone who claimed to speak by the Spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God. There are many false prophets in the world.”…And this is why I can be a bit skeptical.


…So I sort of left it at just questioning Him in my prayer not giving Him an ultimatum or demanding He make a feather  or gold dust appear before me. I was just genuinely wondering why some people experience this and why some don’t. God makes himself known to me personally almost daily, usually through a bible verse, or someone being around at the right time or saying the right thing, even a feeling, whatever it may be…it still wasn’t angel feathers…. :) 


Leaving it at that, I had actually forgotten about this subject for a couple days and randomly would notice tiny fluffy white feathers. I hadn’t given it much thought because we see feathers all the times when we go for walks, so I usually recognise the ones I do see but I haven’t ever seen feathers that look like these - they were different, they did stand out to me, but I just shrugged it off and and thought for a split second that MAY BE but then moved on. 

Then I started seeing them in our flat here in Scotland, and when we were in Northern Ireland under the seat in front of me in the car, etc. The last time was while we were seeing a castle and and Abigail found it. That was when I finally came out and told my parents what I was praying about and then suddenly seeing these feather when I have never seen them before that I was aware of, but I even when I did see them I wasn't looking for them…. even when my oldest Abigail found the one at the castle she mentioned she's never seen feathers like these before. It was as if God was just wanting me to have a little more faith that anything is possible and God answers prayers, even the ones thought about but not "asked" per say, and reminding me to have faith like a child. Abigail was walking around calling it her fluffy feather. We pray for God's protection and covering over us regularly and I am just believing that He was showing that He is always with us everywhere we go.


I honestly wish I could explain more easily why these types of phenomenon happen. I mean, in my heart I know it’s so we can have faith a little deeper, trust a little bigger, but sometimes we feel so desperate for SOMETHING from God and sometimes He is making himself present, but we can't see past our own expectations. I believe we should always be alert and expecting on God but solely without expectations of our own. Perhaps we need to see past what is clouding our vision and stop relying so much on people around us but start seeing what is in front of us and seeing what God is showing us through our circumstances, good and hard.

We don’t have Jesus in flesh on earth with us anymore, but we do live with the Holy Spirit in our lives. There are things that not even science can prove or explain why certain things happen, but God is omnipresent. He is living in us and all around us so why can’t it be that “glory dust” appears, or angel feathers fall at our feet, or why someone was in a really terrible accident but left the scene without even a scratch, or why even though you’ve driven the same way way to work everyday for years but suddenly you forgot to make that one turn and find out there was 30 car pile up on your usual trek…. there are just things we cannot explain, but what we can know is that God is still present...even it we can't see it physically...


My friends, I am praying for you today. I hope you experience something new and unexpected today, that your prayer for years become answered today, and the days ahead and when something unexplainable arises that you know it’s God. Let that be what makes you take the next steps to experience Him more than just by feathers…


I love you today…




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