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8 Feb 2016

Let me start off by saying a huge     THANK YOU


This new way of life here in Scotland has been such a lovely and deeply stretching journey for us so far. It's been a major teaching ground, and a very humbling experience. Everyday I feel like I am learning something new about myself, about the person I want to become, about my husband as a person he is becoming and as scholar, how we are as team, about our kids. I am discovering new things to enjoy, things I dislike, coming to terms with missing home but not feeling guilty for not wanting to jump on the next flight home either, and so on.



I started my blog to update friends and family and new viewers on our life journey here. I do that but turns out differently than how I even expected or intended my posts to be like. I feel like God is using what I am learning to sew in to your lives as well. With every post I write, it usually takes me a couple weeks to write. I invest a lot of time spent praying and reflecting and digging in to the word and really hearing out God. I write what I feel He is wanting me to speak on not only to me for my learning sake but also to you. Make sense?   So, I strongly suggest that if you've been putting off reading my posts, then you better get caught up. I say this in the most genuinely loving way possible.   :) 


I am immensely grateful for those of you who take the time to read my (sometimes very long) posts. I do not apologize for that because you will either take the time to read it or you wont. The choice is yours. :) 

I am also very thankful for those who are following our journey on social media (Instagram) and praying for us, thinking of us. We feel the love and support. It's because of you guys that makes this journey easier.


But I want to turn the tables now. I want to know if there are requests for what you'd like to read on my blog. Do you have questions?...I can do a Q&A. I could go on and on with posts about God and the work He is doing in us and I am sure I will ALWAYS incorporate Him in to it all, but I feel like I need to add in something new too. 


Anyway, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you'd head over to the contact section on my website and send me a message. Let me know of what you'd like to see, hear about, anything. I am open to options!


I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Blessings!









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