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Part 2: It happened

28 Oct 2015


Before I get started, I hope that when you read my posts, you understand that this is also where I get to really express myself and I allow myself to understand what I am going through. Writing my feelings out has been very good for me since being here. So my apologies for the posts that are longer than others. I try to keep them light hearted but totally real. I feel like if I try to shorten them for you guys to keep interest then you are missing out on the realness of what I am actually experiencing. I will likely sound like a basket case at first haha!


Genesis 12:1 The Lord said 'Leave your family, your country and your relatives and go to the land that I will show you’ 


And then just like that, we had less than a week until the biggest moving day of our lives. Slight panic started to set in as I was realizing that all the hard work of cleanup and organizing in the house we had done to prepare to move did nothing it seemed. We had 6 days to pack up our lives in bags for 4 people, sort through the entire house — what is worth bringing with us that isn’t the typical packing items — and then the rest is either for charity, garbage or goes into storage. In words it may not sound like a big deal, but I dare you to try it. It’s my least favourite part of moving. Plus I have a self diagnosed condition called ADHCD (attention deficit house cleaning disorder) I can’t focus on one room at a time. All other rooms bring me into another one for SOME reason then I SQUIRREL!! :) So you can see this makes it all the more difficult. I DO work better under pressure, lets just hope I chose things clearly for each item destination. It’d be one thing if we could keep most of our stuff if we were staying in Canada. But nope, we didn't stay in Canada.


So lets talk about the actual traveling part. Everything went very smooth. Chris parents rented a van for us to take all our stuff to the airport which barely fit!! I was totally good until I saw the airport and then I started to get some major butterflies, and to make that clear my butterflies were NOT doubt or worry that something bad was going to happen. It was butterflies for this new change in my life that was about to happen. No turning back. Which suddenly reminds me of the worship song that goes “I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back, no turning back. The cross before me, the world behind me, no turning back, no turning” :)


I couldn’t wait to meet up with my parents at the airport and give them a big squeeze. Part of me felt like we were just leaving for a trip but then I’d see the way our families would look at us and the kids and I quickly slipped back to reality again. This it is…no turning back.


I read SO MANY messages from people that day and were exactly what I needed to hear. So many uplifting God driven messages, reminding me that we are stepping out in obedience to God’s plan, and in doing so it will be so much greater of an experience for us. People relaying to me how proud they are of us, to see where I was when we first met to this barely recognizable “woman of God” I am now, as someone put it. Its never been easy to see myself as that, but let me tell you, I have worked very hard to be this person I am today.

Waiting is hard. I know there is something big here in the UK for us, for me, but God is making me wait. Waiting is hard. I had bouts a tears only because I really felt The Lord’s peace for all of this even though I was immensely sad to be leaving my entire life as I had always known it in Canada. It really just seems CRAZY to just move to another country with young children, just for school. Schooling that COULD have been done back home. But like I mentioned before, God has been confirming this point in our lives for a very long time and has provided us with everything we’ve needed, even still while here.


We had two flights. First from Toronto to Halifax, and the other from Halifax to Glasgow. Chris and I were surprised at how well the girls were for the rides. Especially the second!! Ellianna was a wee bit antsy for the first flight, but it was only 2 hours so I didn’t care too much. Kids will be kids. Abigail is at that perfect stage where she can act really silly but then stick a laptop or iPad in front of her and she’s zombie haha. Of course I gave the girls Gravol for the second flight. And it worked like a charm. Baby E fell asleep before we even took off and slept until we landed, all happy and cheerful but has been really off since we got here. She is a girl who needs routine. She hasn’t slept much since being here and she was showing early signs of teething again and since, not to my surprise started to cut another tooth. Poor thing. Miss A took a couple hours before sleeping on our second flight and was actually so silly, likely from just being tired and being a ’Three-nager’ haha, but when she woke up she was a BEAR and basically been a perma-bear since. *sigh*. So we are just taking things one day at a time. 


The day we flew in we arrived at 8am and by the time we got through immigration and picked up our bags, stood inline to pick up our reserved van to drive to Edinburgh we made it to our home around 12:30pm Scotland time.  

SIDE NOTE: Both Scotland and Canada have Day light savings but within a week of each other so for only one week there is a 4hr time difference, then it goes back to 5hrs this weekend. 

After settling in to our new home I was sort of in a weird trance. I’m not sure if it was because of the travelling and then the realization that we are in this strange country that I’ve barely seen and now Im stuck here. I just did not feel like my self. By the next day when we got out of the house to run some errands we ended up seeing so much history and beauty that it made me feel excited again. I can’t wait to get back in to a routine for us and the girls. To feel like this is really home. Where we currently live is just a temporary stay until we find a better suited accommodation. So that in itself makes it hard to settle but there is just something about being here that makes it all so worth it and simply enticing.

What really gets me in a sad moment though is when Abigail starts asking questions like, when can she see her grandmas again, where are they, can we go home now, mama I’m grumpy I want my bed….and so on. Seeing her really start to understand that this is home for us now is tough and just breaks this mama’s heart, but also makes me proud of her because just the same as I am growing from this, so is she. Like I said, I can’t wait for this part of our journey to pass where we can feel like this is home. But really, every time I seem to get caught up in my emotions I will read something from someone or from in my bible or hear a worship song that is just a simple reminder. A reminder that, this is ALSO such an amazing experience that is yes hard at times but is also so much fun that not everyone gets to experience. I just have to be the one who allows it to be enjoyable. Being a mother (and wife) is a powerful title. I truly believe that when Mama is happy, it sets the tone and makes the whole household happy. 


Anyway, enough of the sad and sappy stuff. Now on to the exciting stuff. ;) 


We haven't done a whole lot of exploring yet as we’ve been trying to settle in and then Chris had to start school almost right away, but we made sure that while out running some errands, we took lots of pictures! We have decided we are going to make every Saturday The Medland’s Scottish Adventure Day. This coming Saturday we are going to see a REAL castle!!! EEEH! I am thrilled about this and CANNOT wait to show you through my lens. Until then, here are a few more pictures of us arriving and what our neighbourhood is like and just some Harry Potter like buildings. In fact, a lot of the Harry Potter scenes were filmed in Edinburgh. Neat eh?! And another fun fact…nobody here calls Edinburgh E-din-bor-ough, or E-din-burg. They all say E(eh)-din-bra(ah). 


Okay, enjoy the photos! And thanks for reading along this extremely long post. :) You’re welcome! 


​    Bethany






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