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Part 1: It's happening! Err, well, happened.

23 Oct 2015


 Thursday Oct.15 was our oldest daughters 3rd birthday. First of all I can’t believe how fast she is growing, but we discovered that both our daughters birthdays are of good luck for us.


Our youngest had her 1st birthday on Sept.30 and that day we spent in Toronto to formally apply for our Visas and Immigration to the UK. So remember in my last post I talked about patience and such…well,after waiting almost 2 weeks to hear back about whether our visas were approved or not….my patience was starting to really run thin. 


Chris and I were out in the backyard on Wednesday Oct.14 playing with the girls and we were talking about how lengthly this entire process has been. It’s been hard for all of us. Living in limbo, just waiting for the next step isn’t easy and then to have to do that with kids. seeing the slight confusion in the faces wondering why we have no furniture and why their toy selection is really slimming down, and so on. It’s heartbreaking rather. I just prayed quietly and talked to God and just said that I’m tired, we are ready to get going, we need some THING some signal that this is about to get started. Desperate. Pleaded to God for something… 

Well, to my surprise, not even half an hour later I checked my email and there we had an email explaining that our visas has been process and accepted. HURRAY!! But there was no note as to when we could pick them up. There was my signal. All we knew was we have been approved. 


I let my mom know because obviously we were excited that things were on the next step very soon. We said it would be funny if we ended up being able to pick them up on Abigail’s birthday (the next day) since we had them sent out on Ellianna’s birthday.  We didn’t bother getting our hopes up because every time we did, we would be shut down and set up for disappointment.

Abigail’s birthday arrived. We had some other last minute errands to run for our hopefully soon to be move. My husband is all about checklists. everywhere in the house there is a checklist he has created for SOMEthing. He had one ready to go for our errand to Service Canada but out of nowhere, lost it. Of course.  We both looked everywhere and just could not find it. So we just grabbed everything we could that way we for sure will have what they might need. Well, we were wrong. Turned out they needed some important documents printed that we did not have. CRAP! Thankfully they had computers so Chris went in to his email and printed off what he needed. I was wondering what was taking so long and checked up on him, where he told me that we got another email saying that our Visas were ready for pick-up in Toronto between 4pm-5pm on weekdays. It was 1:45pm and we decided to wing it and attempt to beat the rush hour traffic. Of course, like I always do before any drive, I prayed for safety and favour and no traffic. 


We literally had zero hold ups on the highway, no traffic at all. We even stopped for lunch and bathroom break. There was some traffic congestion right downtown but managed to make it to the Toronto office at 4:50. The 30 minutes during while driving downtown traffic was hilarious to Chris and I. We felt like we were in a movie and could here the intense music in sync with our driving. We were getting excited. Having to find a parking spot now seemed like it wouldn’t even happen. I excitedly pointed out a spot in front of a coffee shop and we put the four ways on and I stayed in the with the sleeping kids and he ran out to make it in time. 25 minutes passed and he finally came back only to tell me that they actually didn’t accept our applications….I was never so mad in my life and maybe said a bad word...then I hear “KIDDING!!!!!!! WE’RE GOING TO SCOTLAND BABY!!!”. That evening we were too excited and ended up find the best deal we saw yet. God was for sure sending us some favour. We remembered that there was now no reason at all to wait. We booked our flights for the very next week which is October 21 and arrive there on the 22nd. 



**Yep, I wrote this post the day before we left for Scotland but am NOW just g

etting to finishing it. I’ll post a new blog soon for that experience and with more awesome photos.**












There is a lot that God has been teaching us through this process. It's more than just about having patience, more than just about growing as a person, and more than just growing in trust and faith in His timing. It’s just so much greater than that. I understand it in my spirit but to put it into words seems impossible. I believe God wants what I am about to say for every person, but I am writing this on behalf of my personal experience. I have come to the full conclusion that God wants to grow and stretch every single aspect of my life. To make me a better person, friend, wife, mother, daughter, sister, employee, coworker, leader, worshipper, christian, and so on.

Being faced with your worst fears and failures or tribulations is usually the last thing we want when we are a “want it now” and "feel good" generation. We don’t want to feel UNcomfortable. Maybe there is something for everybody to learn in this. What IF we all just became quiet and still and wait upon the Lord? What if we actually allowed ourselves to get uncomfortable? What if we actually listen to what he is saying even if we may think He is quiet and ignoring us. Perhaps He is saying that He’s been talking to us the whole time but we keep stuffing our ears with cotton and then wonder why we become faced with the same problems over and over again. For once, can’t we just shut up and stop making excuses?! Get uncomfortable and allow God to work and grow through us. Imagine the person we become, then? 


Thanks for reading along, but get ready for my next post talking about our experience getting there and our first few days in Scotland of course with some photos I took.  




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