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25 Sep 2015


Hi and welcome! This blog site will be where I talk about this crazy adventure as we move our little family of 4 to Scotland! 


It all started (conciously) in November 2014 when my husband came to me and asked "How would you feel if I applied for school in the UK?" 

My answer? "Nope, no way. We will never move!"


But there was something in me that knew that wasn't the case. For years I felt like little London ONTARIO was not home for us.


I prayed about Chris' request and that is when it all began. I instantly had peace, I suddenly felt excited to move and then I started researching the schools he was looking in to.


With months of confirmation from simply praying, then specific prayers being answered, certain life events just not working out for some reason like buying a house, from dreams years before that I suddently started to remember. We had close godly friends who prayed with me and listened to God speaking our truth in them about details they didnt even know about, and so on. To say the least, the Lord has been constantly reminding us and even redirecting us to this point for years. YEARS! The most clear The Lord was when it was literally written on paper after me doing some devotions one early morning. I prayed beforehand asking “God, however I can apply what I read today to my life, let it be obvious to me.” Seems harmless. Little did I know what I was actually asking. It’s like He was saying “OK! Obvious it is, Bethany!" I read the content of the devotional which I should add that the title of the devotional was "God's purpose for your life" but then the bible verse to close it off said this:

Genesis 12:1 – The Lord said “Leave your country, your family, your relatives, and go to the land that I will show you.”  



So, (eventually) in September or October of 2015, with a few hiccups along the way, Chris and I are packing up a bag or two and flying off with our two young girls, Abigail (3yrs) and Ellianna (1yr) and going on this God ordained adventure.


I whole hearted believe God is sending us to the UK for specific reasons that are a bit unknown to us yet. I believe Chris has his calling, I have mine and God will use us together for something big. Our sweet girls are just as much part of this story. I'm excited to see where and how God uses the Medland family.


I enjoy photography as a hobby so I want this to also be an opportunity for you to see the land through my eyes and read the thoughts of my heart.

I’m so very excited to share this new life with you all, knowing you are watching from the sidelines cheering us on and constantly praying for and with us.

Please, enjoy the view!


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